Sedation Dentistry

Our warm and friendly staff bring a high level of expertise to helping our patients attain their dental goals.  Our exceptional dental hygienist is universally loved for her gentle professionalism and offers shame-free instruction to optimize your current oral hygiene regimen.  Our receptionist is energetic and enthusiastic, and eager to help you.  Our friendly dental assistants are knowledgeable and highly qualified, and each brings with them a unique personality, insight, and skill set.  At Leahy Family Dentistry, we strive to extend a warm and friendly welcome to all who walk through our door.

Patient comfort and satisfaction are paramount at Leahy Family Dentistry.  With comfort in mind, we offer Sedation Dentistry so you need not feel anxious about your dental treatments.  We accommodate for patients with physical needs who may not be able to lean back in the chair as far as often is necessary.  We keep on hand warming blankets for patients who tend to feel chilled.  To enhance your dental experience we offer warmed aromatherapy towels.

Dr. Leahy is licensed for oral conscious sedation, which means he has undergone extensive training to ensure patients’ safety while they undergo oral conscious sedation. Leahy Family Dentistry has undergone rigorous inspection to ensure proper protocol is followed should an emergency arise. Under oral conscious sedation, you can receive your entire dental treatment in a deep state of relaxation without being put to sleep. Years of neglect may be treated comfortably at one visit, and you may have no memory of your dental treatment. With this technique, we will provide a pill for you to take about an hour before your dental procedure. The effects of the pill will make you feel drowsy and extremely relaxed, so it is necessary that you arrange to have someone drive you to and from your dental appointment. During your treatment, a trained member of our staff will be closely monitoring your vital signs to ensure that you are okay, and you will not be left alone. The oral conscious sedation technique does not render you fully unconscious, however you should not experience any discomfort or pain throughout your procedure, and you will be able to communicate with our dental team. The effects of oral conscious sedation can last from two to six hours, so it is important that a family member or close friend is present after your treatment to see you home safely. Leahy Family Dentistry also offers Nitrous Oxide Analgesia (laughing gas) for shorter procedures, which will put you at ease. Similar to oral conscious sedation, you may have no memory of your procedure, and you will be continually monitored to make sure you are okay.

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